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Treatment Modalities and Treatment Settings for Illicit Drug Abuse
Treatment Settings:
Factors that Affect Choice of Treatment Settings

Factors such as the following should be considered when selecting a treatment setting for a patient:[1]

  • Capacity and willingness to cooperate with treatment
  • Ability for self care
  • Extant social environment
  • Need for structure, support, and supervision to remain safe and abstinent
  • Need for specific treatments for co-occurring general medical or psychiatric conditions
  • Need for particular treatments or an intensity of treatment that may be available only in certain settings
  • Preference for a particular treatment setting
  • The particular substance(s) used
  • The medical risks associated with use of the substance
  • The accessibility of appropriate levels of care
  • Stated goals of the treatment plan



  • (1) American Psychiatric Association. Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients with Substance Use Disorders. Arlington, VA: APA; 2007 Apr. Report No.: 164.